About us

The Management of METALQUIMIA, S.A.U, aware of the need for CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of its processes, as well as the need to FULLY SATISFY YOUR CUSTOMER, through the supply of high quality and value products, technology and services. METALQUIMIA has had the ISO 9001 quality management certificate since 1996

Quality Policy

The METALQUIMIA, S.A.U, management team aware of the need for CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of its processes, as well as the need to FULLY SATISFY ITS CLIENT, through the supply of its products, technology and high-quality and high-value services, has:


  • A 3-year Strategic Plan, in which the Values, Mission and Future Vision of the Organisation, as well as its Overall Objectives are set out. For all areas of the organisation, the Sectoral Objectives and Actions for Improvement are also set out, prioritised and scheduled, as well as the resources needed to accomplish them. This plan, its objectives, required resources and actions arising from it should be monitored and reviewed on an annual basis. Where applicable, changes and improvements should be recommended to add VALUE for our client in an ever changing world.
  • There should be a Quality Management System, in line with the ISO 9001 International Standard, monitored, maintained and reviewed on a continual basis.
  • Some Quality Objectives set out by the Management team, with the support of the Quality Committee, should be clarified, monitored and reviewed on an annual basis.
  • A context of the Organization documented in the Strategic Reflection conducted by the Executive Chairman every 3 years, as well as the definition of the Stakeholders of the Organization, describing their expectations towards the Organization in order to meet their needs.

The end goal of these three tools of the METALQUIMIA, S.A.U. Quality Policy is:

  • To ensure that METALQUIMIA, S.A.U. works in line with the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT criteria for its processes, technology, products and service.
  • To ensure the availability of resources, through annual reviews of Strategic Sub-plans, as well as recommendations and indicators looked at in-depth at Quality Committee meetings.
  • To ensure Client needs and expectations are clearly defined.
  • To ensure that aforementioned needs and expectations are understood and met.
  • To ensure that in defining these needs and expectations all legal and regulatory requirements are taken into consideration.
  • To ensure that METALQUIMIA, S.A.U. creates a culture based on systematic prevention measures, Compliance.
  • Detect all the factors, internal and external, that can affect the Organization, both positively and negatively, in achieving its objectives
  • To give the Organisation a methodology and the tools for systematic management for strategic and continuous planning of Creativity and Innovation (for products, processes, services, staff and communications) as a fundamental driver for sustained growth, competitiveness, staff loyalty, client loyalty and as a contributing factor to our Organisation's image.


Achieving the established objectives is everyone's responsibility. It is essential that there is participation and collaboration from all staff at METALQUIMIA, S.A.U., therefore the Organisation's Management team has created this Quality Policy. So that it can be understood and acted upon by everyone, it has been communicated to all METALQUIMIA, S.A.U. staff.

Supplier evaluation criteria

Metalquimia has a powerful quality assurance system for its products. That is why a continuous evaluation of its suppliers is carried out.

Metalquimia suppliers are evaluated according to the following criteria

  • Quality of documentation (delivery notes)
  • Quality of reliability in delivery times
  • Quality of the material