Specially designed for the injection of boneless bacon.


Equipped with a spray marinating head with a very high density of needles, controlled by an automatic regulation device in the injection area.

Optional tenderizer head assembled after the injection head and hydraulically synchronized. It can be fitted with different kinds of tenderizing blades.

Optional automatic self-cleaning filter specially designed to work 24 hours non-stop with all types of brine.

Main features

  • Total 4.0 Connectivity: the injection of the Future.
  • Hybrid MULTIPLUS & MOVIPLUS design: maximum injection precision.
  • Up to 1936 Spray injection points: unrivalled distribution.
  • Minimum dripping loss: maximization of yield.
  • Super high productivity, unrivalled in the market.
  • Automatic Regulation of Head Pressure: minimization of brine pockets.
  • Incorporated tenderizer (optional): minimization of brine pockets.
  • Extremely easy needle extraction for control, cleaning and hygiene.
  • Totally cutting-edge design for optimal hygiene and food safety.
  • Different models available: for any production need.

Ask for information

For more information on production capacity and technological possibilities, contact METALQUIMIA. Write us at or fill in the online contact form

The models (standard features)

Injection points Injection 20%
BACON INJECTOR 1936 20/22 pieces / minute

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