Meat pre-massage


Pounding the meat, increasing the interfibrillar free spaces.


The TWINHAMMER meat pre-massaging unit is composed of two hammers that pound the meat, causing a synergistic effect of stretching the muscle fibers and increasing the interfibrillar free spaces, which provides for a very fast and better retention of the brine in these spaces during the first phases of the massage.

This revolutionary process results in a significant reduction in the total massaging time, and consequently, an increase in the productivity of massaging machines, an increase in cooking yield, a better slicing yield, a visible improvement in the texture of the meat and greater intermuscular binding of cooked meat products processed with this new technology.

Main features

  • Hydraulic head drive.
  • Belt feed, ensuring total hammering homogeneity throughout the meat mass
  • Adjustable hammering intensity, cycles and pressure.
  • Pre-massage hammers with pyramidal, standard or aggressive tips.
  • Each of the heads can be independently disabled.
  • Total recovery of all drained brine.
  • Maximum easiness of cleaning and maintenance.

Ask for information

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The models (standard features)

Production capacity
TWINHAMMER 4500 14,000 kg/h
TWINHAMMER 5500 21,000 kg/h

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